Member Benefits

The Mid-Canada Marine and Powersports Dealers Association and the MMPDA Powersports Committee are dedicated to working towards the betterment of the boating and powersports industries and in so doing, enhancing the boating and powersports lifestyle.
As a member of the MMPDA you are part of a strong political voice that is used to address many important issues that have an impact on our industries at a national as well as a regional level.


  • Your membership provides a united voice when dealing with Government, both locally and nationally.
  • Local television advertising to promote the marine and powersports lifestyle and, therefore, the industries.
  • Public exposure via the MMPDA website to which member websites are linked – Consumers also benefit by being able to access important marine and powersports information on this website.
  • Annual trade shows, the MMPDA Boat Show and the Powersports Show with a dedicated Boat Show Website –
  • The MMPDA sponsors local programs, which ultimately increases awareness to new users and therefore improves business for all MMPDA members.
  • Sponsorship of projects, which preserve the marine and powersports environment.
  • Members have the ability to collaborate and network with other dealers in the industry.
  • The Human Resources/Education Project, which is designed to attract qualified, interested people to a career in the Marine and Power Sport Industry.
  • The Annual General Meeting, Conference and Dinner, an opportunity to participate in the election process, network with industry peers and receive top notch dealer related education.
  • Member Education Opportunities, the latest development being the MMPDA Customer Service Excellence Series, a customer service education program, designed by dealer members to ensure that the curriculum is appropriate for all MMPDA member companies.


  • The MMPDA lobbied for and was successful in having the Marine and Outdoor Power Equipment Technician designated as an official trade in the Province of Manitoba
  • Formation of the Powersports Committee, the purpose of which is to bring the various powersports industries together to deal with issues of common interest.
  • Support and sponsorship of the Gear-Up Tackle program.
  • Development of a dedicated Show website.
  • Spader Service Manager Workshops.
  • Professional Sales Seminars.
  • Parts and Accessories Seminar – Marzahn and King Consulting.
  • Development of the Customer Service Excellence Education Program.
  • Expansion of the Annual General Meeting into a one day Conference offering members professional development opportunities.
  • Actively participating in promotion of Marine and Powersports career opportunities through career fairs and presentations to provincial educators.
  • Annual Powersports Show




  • Collaborate with existing user bodies in the region to achieve common goals.

Your membership in the Mid-Canada Marine and Powersports Dealers Association ensures that your voice is heard when dealing with issues that have an impact on the marine and powersports industries and need to be addressed through the strength of the MMPDA organization.

Thank-you for supporting the Mid-Canada Marine and Powersports Dealers Association